RVArts Cultural Passport is a cross listed course between UNIV and VCUarts Art Foundations that explores the diversity of visual and performing arts in the Richmond area. Part art appreciation, part community engagement; students attend twelve art events though the course of the Spring semester and help generate a listing of top cultural events on and off campus for the current and following semesters. This hybrid online/offline seminar meets eight times in person at the VCUarts Depot Building for special topic specific lectures including introductions to visual arts, dance, theatre and music. Students also attend events together leveraging social media to check in and cross promote selected events and lectures. This seminar serves to introduce incoming students to the wealth of cultural events occurring both on and off campus and in turn will transform student participants into ambassadors for all things Art at VCU and in the greater Richmond area. This course is co-taught by Jill Ware, a dance artist, and John Freyer, an interdisciplinary artist.


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