Improvisation + Telepresence

I was lucky enough to be asked by the wonderful, Molly Ransone, creator of Artfulness both an online and offline course, to teach improvisation to her class. One of her students had recently been in a car accident, and was still recovering in the hospital, but she wanted to somehow participate. Enter a telepresence robot.

I thought this would be an interesting experience,  but I was genuinely surprised by how meaningful dancing with the student/robot actually was. The students joined in to make it work, and it ended up being an extraordinary improvisation session.

Thanks to Molly Ransone and Thomas Woodward for figuring out the robot. Thanks to the student who telepresenced in for the class from her hospital room. Thanks to the students who embraced this crazy idea and ran with it. And another thanks to Tom Woodward for the photo documentation seen here.


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